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IPython is an awesome project which provides a much better Python shell than the one you get from running $ python in the command-line. It has many cool functions (running Unix commands from the Python shell, easy copy & paste, creating Matplotlib charts in-line, etc.) and I'll let you refer to the documentation to discover them.


Before we install IPython, we'll need to get some dependencies. Run the following:

$ brew update # Always good to do
$ brew install zeromq # Necessary for pyzmq
$ brew install pyqt # Necessary for the qtconsole
$ pip install pyzmq
$ pip isntall pygments
$ pip install jinja2
$ pip install tornado

It may take a few minutes to build these.

Once it's done, we can install IPython with all the available options:

$ pip install ipython

If you want a more fine grained command you can try the following:

For zsh -> $ pip install 'ipython[zmq,qtconsole,notebook,test]'

For bash -> $ pip install ipython[zmq,qtconsole,notebook,test]